Glaser, Marion ORCID:, Sá Leitão Barboza, Roberta, Borges, Rebecca, da Silva Blandtt, Lucinaldo, Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Leopoldo, Padovani Ferreira, Beatrice, Marques, Simone, Gonçalves, Leandra Regina, Yokoyama Xavier, Luciana and Turra, Alexander (2023) Social participation in Brazilian coastal governance and management. In: Coastal Management Revisited - Navigating towards Sustainable Human-Nature Relations. , ed. by Glaser, Marion ORCID: and Glaeser, Bernhard. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 213-238. ISBN 978-1-5275-9267-4

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This chapter reviews participatory practice and its outcomes in the Brazilian coastal zone. A number of instruments and policies were generated in the immediate post-constitution era after 1988 to foster social participation in coastal management. New actors and initiatives, practices and networks have opened up additional pathways for social participation in Brazilian coastal governance and management. These are the focus of this chapter. In three regionally distributed case studies, the authors analyse implementation practices and the effects of various participatory instruments and strategies. They find that, since Brazil's 1988 Federal Constitution, social participation in coastal governance has been associated with improvements in national networking, democratization, and positive inter-institutional synergies. Major remaining challenges at the end of the reform era in 2018 are found to be regionally divergent social participation, inadequate support to civil society voice, in particular lack of funding that can enable the voices of the poorest, and deficiencies of the nation state that reinforce social inequality. Much of the participatory institutional environment discussed here was unmade by the 2018-2022 government. The analysis in this chapter distils lessons so that future efforts toward inclusive governance and management may benefit from past efforts.

Document Type: Book chapter
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