Fietz, Katharina, Trofimenko, Elena, Guerin, Pierre-Edouard, Arnal, Véronique, Torres-Oliva, Montserrat, Lobréaux, Stéphane, Pérez-Ruzafa, Angel, Manel, Stéphanie and Puebla, Oscar (2020) New genomic resources for three exploited Mediterranean fishes. Genomics, 112 (6). pp. 4297-4303. DOI

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Extensive fishing has led to fish stock declines throughout the last decades. While clear stock identification is required for designing management schemes, stock delineation is problematic due to generally low levels of genetic structure in marine species. The development of genomic resources can help to solve this issue. Here, we present the first mitochondrial and nuclear draft genome assemblies of three economically important Mediterranean fishes, the white seabream, the striped red mullet, and the comber. The assemblies are between 613 and 785 Mbp long and contain between 27,222 and 32,375 predicted genes. They were used as references to map Restriction-site Associated DNA markers, which were developed with a single-digest approach. This approach provided between 15,710 and 21,101 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism markers per species. These genomic resources will allow uncovering subtle genetic structure, identifying stocks, assigning catches to populations and assessing connectivity. Furthermore, the annotated genomes will help to characterize adaptive divergence.

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