Krumme, Uwe and Liang, Tsui-Hua (2004) Tidal-induced changes in a copepod-dominated zooplankton community in a macrotidal mangrove channel in Northern Brazil. Zoological studies, 43 (2).

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The zooplankton community of the muddy upper reaches of the Furo do Meio, Caeté system, Pará, Brazil, was studied between March and May 2001 (during the wet season). Zooplankton samples were taken during 2 lunar cycles; during each lunar phase, 4 consecutive tidal cycles were sampled, and for each tidal cycle, 4 hauls were taken (flood, high water (HW), ebb, low water (LW)). Short-term changes in species number, abundance, and biomass were studied. Salinity (mean, 7 ± 3 psu) and water level were positively correlated. Copepods dominated the zooplankton community. Numbers of total zooplankton and copepod species were high at HW and low at LW, irrespective of time of day and tide. In contrast, the abundance and biomass of both total zooplankton and copepods were high at LW and low at HW. Copepod species number and the abundances of total zooplankton and copepods were greater during the spring than the neap tide. The calanoid copepod, Pseudodiaptomus marshi, dominated the copepod community in terms of abundance and biomass. Highest abundance occurred at LW, suggesting retention in the cul-de-sac channel. The P. marshi population was composed of ovigerous females, adult males, and copepodite stages 4 and 5. Copepod biomass ranged from 0.46 to 6.9 mg dry weight (DW)/m3, with an overall mean of 2.63 mg DW/m3. Non-parametric multidimensional scaling revealed that spring tide/neap tide together with HW/LW were important factors structuring the zooplankton community. Time of day had no effect on the community structure. We suggest the occurrence of positive relationships between increased copepod abundances and high sediment loads and decreased salinities during the wet season. Synchronous temporal patterns between zooplankton and fish abundance are discussed.

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