Schmidt-Roach, Sebastian, Kunzmann, Andreas and Martinez Arbizu, Pedro (2008) In situ observation of coral recruitment using fluorescence census techniques. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 367 (1). pp. 37-40. DOI

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A novel method for the observation of recruitment of fluorescent taxa was developed combining fluorescence census techniques with conventional microscopic examination. The new technique was used to observe coral recruitment on natural limestone plates over a period of 4 months on Meras reef, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. During this period, fluorescence photos were taken of each plate on a weekly basis. This allowed for the detailed observation of fluorescent coral recruitment in-situ. After specific time periods, the plates were sampled and the detected recruits were categorized to family level using their skeletal structure. The fluorescence census technique detected 97.6% of all coral recruits bigger than one millimetre in diameter. The diameter measurements of the recruit's skeletons were used to estimate growth rates at family level. Using the photo series method, the time of settlement of fluorescent recruits on the plates was determined. The results showed roughly linear diameter growth of recruits in the first two months. Acroporidae-polyps were 1.14 mm in diameter when they settled and grew at rate of approximately 0.18 mm in diameter per week. Pocilloporidae-polyps settled at approximately 1.14 mm and showed a growth rate of approximately 0.23 mm in diameter per week. Recruits of three families were observed in detail over time on the artificial plates using this method. While recruitment was fairly continuous, an increase in pocilloporid recruits was observed during the month of September. Similar increases were observed for acroporid recruits during the middle of November and the second quarter of December. This method identifies the limits of detection for the fluorescence census technique used and represents a useful method for the temporal fine scale observation of recruitment in situ.

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