Moreno, F., Acevedo, K., Grijalba-Bendeck, M., Acero, A. and Paramo, J. (2010) Reproducción de la raya eléctrica Narcine bancroftii (Torpediniformes: Narcinidae) en Santa Marta, Caribe colombiano. Latin american journal of aquatic research, 38 (1). pp. 27-36.

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This paper provides information about reproductive aspects of the electric ray Narcine bancroftii, caught as bycatch with beach seines in two beaches of El Rodadero, Santa Marta, Colombian Caribbean, between August (2005) and October (2006). The electric rays obtained were separate by sex, weighed and measured; the development of reproductive stage was identified by external and internal characteristics. The reproductive condition was determinate by (gonadosomatic GSI and hepatosomatic HSI) indexes and the size at sexual maturity (l50%). The results showed that the GSI has one peak at year between September and December when probably the copulation carried out, the HSI presented its highest value in January, which corresponds to the end of the reproductive period. The size at sexual maturity was 32.2 cm in females and it was between 20.2 and 22.9 cm in males. We propose that the gestation period extends during four months, starting with the birth of individuals in February and finishing in April.

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