Mitchell, Steven B., Jennerjahn, Tim C. ORCID:, Vizzini, Salvatrice and Zhang, Weiguo (2015) Changes to processes in estuaries and coastal waters due to intense multiple pressures – An introduction and synthesis. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 156 . pp. 1-6. DOI

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From the 2013 ECSA conference ‘Estuaries and Coastal Areas in Times of Intense Change’ a theme emerged that has ended up being the focus of this Special Issue of Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, namely ‘Changes to processes in estuaries and coastal waters due to intense multiple pressures’. Many parts of the world are continuing to experience unprecedented rates of economic growth, and those responsible for managing coastal and estuarine areas must respond accordingly. At the same time, global climate change and sea level rise are also continuing, placing new or more intense pressures on coastal areas that must be dealt with in ways that are as far as possible managed as a result of good scientific understanding. There are other pressures too, which depend on the system concerned. This article provides an overview of the papers contained within the Special Issue and provides a discussion of how these fit within the main theme of intense multiple stressors, considering how a balance can be achieved between the needs of various different stakeholders and interest groups, and the sustainability of the system concerned. We categorise the papers in four main groupings: (1) stressors related to sea level rise; (2) stressors related to changes in fresh water inputs; (3) stressors related to anthropogenic pollution; and (4) the use of indicators as a means of assessing the effects of stressors, and reflect on the fact that despite the diversity of different challenges and geographical regions involved many of the approaches and discussions contained within the Special Issue have strong similarities, leading to a set of overarching principles that should be considered when making recommendations on management strategies.

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