Mulligan, Ann E., Charette, Matthew A., Tamborski, Joseph J. and Moosdorf, Nils (2019) Submarine Groundwater Discharge. In: Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences. , ed. by Cochran, J.K., Yager, P.L. and Bokuniewicz, H.J.. Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, 6 . Elsevier, Netherlands, pp. 108-119. 3 ISBN 978-0-12-813082-7 DOI

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Significant freshwater input and associated chemical loading to coastal waters can occur via submarine groundwater discharge (SGD). Although such inputs have historically been ignored, recent work has revealed that SGD can be a major input to coastal waters and can account for a significant portion of chemical inventories. Because SGD has been only recently recognized as an important process in coastal water dynamics, our quantitative understanding of the physical and chemical processes that control groundwater flow and chemical fate and transport in coastal regimes is limited. A critical step in any SGD study is the determination of groundwater flow volume, timing, and location, and the associated chemical loading. Significant spatial and temporal variability in flow, solute concentration, and biogeochemical processes complicate such studies. Here we review physical and chemical means for estimating groundwater discharge rates for both fresh groundwater and circulating seawater as well as their effects on coastal ecosystems and societies.

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