Moosdorf, Nils, Luijendijk, Elco and Gleeson, Tom (2018) Hot spots of fresh submarine groundwater discharge at the global scale compared to local observations. [Talk] In: IAH Annual Meeting. , September 2018, Daejon, Korea .

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Fresh submarine groundwater discharge (“fresh SGD”), terrestrial groundwater directly discharging into the ocean, is a hidden connection between land and sea. While its significance at the local scale has been highlighted by numerous field studies, global scale estimates are scarce. Here we present the results from a new global model of fresh SGD.
The results show that at global scale, fresh SGD amounts to 108 km³ a-1. However, regionally the model shows that the proportion is much higher. 13% of the global coastline are identified as hot-spots of fresh SGD with high local water and solute inputs. Also, fresh SGD is not distributed evenly over the global latitudes. More than half of the global fresh SGD volume is discharged in the area +-10° from the equator. This highlights the particular role tropical regions have for fresh SGD, which is not yet represented by the density of SGD studies. While the comparison of local studies to global scale datasets is difficult, the modeled distribution of fresh SGD agrees with the observed values in a qualitative sense. However, overall the model clearly predicts lower SGD fluxes than local studies. This is in part attributed to a positive bias in the location selection of the observed studies. In summary, the model highlights potential research areas regarding SGD and presents the most detailed global scale fresh SGD estimate available. Its results can be used to quantify solute fluxes and identify local hot-spots of land-ocean connectivity.

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