Wölfelschneider, Mirco, Helfer, Veronique and Zimmer, Martin (2019) Does Logging-induced Regrowth Change Leaf Chemistry in White Mangroves? - New Insights Using Pyrolysis-GC/MS. [Poster] In: MMM5. , 01.07.-05.07.2019, Singapore .

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With human populations rapidly increasing, especially in coastal regions of the tropics, the number of people depending on mangrove resources is rising. General ‘No-take’ policies are not a sustainable solution for mangrove conservation and securing livelihoods at the same time. Therefore, spatial planning of mangrove management and protection are much needed. Communities along the coastline of North Brazil practice a traditional form of selective mangrove-logging strongly focusing on the White Mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa). As stumps of felled Laguncularia trees resprout, wood extraction is often considered sustainable resource use and remains therefore unrestricted. However, subsequent ecological impacts of felling and regrowth have yet to be investigated. With our study, conducted in a North-Brazilian Extractivist Reserve (RESEX), we assessed how cutting and regrowth influences the leaf chemistry of the White Mangrove. We analysed leaf samples from trees at different stages of regrowth for carbon, nitrogen and phenolic content. Early regrowth, shortly after cutting the stem, was characterised by a significant increase in in leaf nitrogen content. Subsequently, nitrogen content declined quickly in the leafs. None of the other parameters exhibited any changes. Further analyses using pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (Pyrolysis-GC/MS) will yield more detailed insights into the chemical composition of the leaf organic matter. In the light of our preliminary results, that support the assumption that selective logging has an impact on the leaf chemistry of White Mangrove trees, we will discuss the ecological sustainability of this resource use.

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Research affiliation: Ecology > Mangrove Ecology
Date Deposited: 21 Oct 2019 10:35
Last Modified: 01 Oct 2020 12:59
URI: http://cris.leibniz-zmt.de/id/eprint/2784

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